Welcome to drmow.net a site to help you with the electronic control of your model railway.

My electronic control devices started as projects for my own models. I have have a range of electronics to make controlling model railways simpler that are now available for purchase. I have been doing this for some years with crossing lights and Searchlight Signals build for friends locally.

Crossing lights can be controled using optical detectors for train detection. Flashing Crossing lights turn on when the train is at some distance away but turn off once the train is clear of the crossing. This requires 4 optical detectors per track. Crossings with multiple tracks can be configured.
See the Crossings Page for more information.

Servos can be used for point motor (or turnout) control, or for controlling semaphore signals. On my new ON30 layout all of the points are operated by Servos. These controllers require no programming, the servo angle or distance of travel is set with trimpots using a screwdriver. The direction can be reversed with a switch. The latest controller is for three position semaphore signals with each position being able to be finely adjusted for the correct position.
I will have a page with all the information for servos available soon.

Automatic Signalling using optical detectors for train detection was something I worked on for my last layout. These were used to control a block of track, once the train passes the green signal it changes to red until the block is cleared. I have now developed these for block of track with train operating in both directions. If you have a signalling project i might be able to help. These could also be used with the servo controller for semaphore signals.

Solenoid point motors, (or turnout control) with Capacitor Discharge units and high power switching all in one. This means the switch to activate the solenoid is low power and can be placed away from the solenoid with only small wires, multiple switches in different locations can be used if required.

2 responses to “Welcome”

  1. Hi David
    Your website has been passed on to me via VRMS. I am interested in making contact re auto signalling of San Mateo colour light signals (already installed) on my layout but I am having trouble logging in.

    Regards, Colin

    • Hi Colin, thanks for having a look at the site. No need to login that is just for admin, I have just updated it sorry for the confusion.
      If you would like to send me an email and contact details I can email or ring you to see how I might be able to help. See my Contacts page.
      As I understand your layout track plan we can work at how you would like the signals controlled.
      There are so many different signal arrangement I am interested is setting up some standard controllers that I can make commonly available.
      I have just put a download link on the crossing lights page, if you have a look at that you can see the UV optical detectors I like to use.
      I look forward to hearing from you.