San Mateo Line Signals

San Mateo Line are a Victorian producer of Searchlight and Semaphore signals for Australian prototype modellers in HO scale.

Searchlight Signals for VR and SAR in HO and N.
Colour Light Signals for QR and NSW in HO.
Upper Quadrants for VR and SAR in HO.
VR Somersault Lattice Mast Semaphores.
Etched brass kits with LEDs or fully assembled and painted models, made to order.

San Mateo Line, PO Box 2205, Mildura 3502

The Signal Control boards on this web site can be used to operate the Searchlight and Colour Light Signals. With the addition of the servo controller the Upper Quadrant and Semaphore signals can also be operated.

Some of the San Mateo Line Semaphores Signals feature on the Layout Videos on this web site.